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Damage resulting from termite infestations is commonly excluded from standard home insurance policies. Given the conducive environmental conditions in our region, termites thrive, with an average of 10 to 13 colonies per acre of land, making it highly probable that your property harbors at least one colony.

Recognizing the warning signs of termite infestation is crucial, as is procuring a warranty that covers potential infestations.

In addressing various infestation scenarios, we provide comprehensive termite treatment options. Our full-service termite liquid treatments ensure thorough coverage and protection against termites within the structure. Additionally, we offer termite baiting systems—a strategic approach designed to intercept and eliminate termite colonies with minimal disruption to your property.

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Annual Inspections

Annual inspections are an integral part of our service package, included without exception. Complete Pest Management will coordinate these appointments with you directly. While competitors may necessitate your initiative in scheduling inspections, we prioritize proactive measures to ensure your home undergoes thorough examination to prevent re-infestation. Rest assured, we take the initiative in reaching out to you.

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