Moisture Control

It is imperative to recognize that a crawlspace beneath a structure serves as a foundational element for any home or building. A significant portion of crawlspaces will encounter moisture-related issues at some point. Wood destroying fungus, often referred to as “Wood Rot,” contributes to a greater extent of wood degradation than fire, floods, or termites combined in the United States.

Wood destroying fungus thrives under specific conditions, necessitating three fundamental elements: oxygen, water, and a source of nutrients. Fungus typically proliferates when the moisture content in wood surpasses 20%-30%. As we are unable to eliminate the presence of nutrients or air within our homes, the only feasible mechanical intervention involves eradicating the water source. Water poses a natural threat to wood integrity. By eliminating the water source, we effectively mitigate the risk of wood decay fungus. The structural integrity of wood can deteriorate relatively swiftly, particularly in instances of brown rot, which depletes the wood of essential nutrients, rendering it powdery and desiccated over time.

Preventive Measures

Wood preservation against decay can be effectively achieved through a BORATE treatment administered by a certified and licensed professional. In circumstances where relative humidity surpasses 60%, the installation of a dehumidifier system is recommended. We specialize in installing renowned dehumidifier systems such as the Santa Fe, WatchDog, and Horizon series, recognized as industry leaders in crawlspace maintenance. This proactive measure ensures improved air quality and enhanced home circulation.

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